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  Welcome to the Florida Homestead Services Bulletin Board Forum! This forum is your best source for learning about, contributing to, and participating in discussions regarding homestead property tax exemptions, other exemptions, value adjustment board appeals, applicable laws and asset protection in Florida!  
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  Information on registering and joining this bulletin board in order to post topics and questions on this forum. We must temporarily do this to avoid hackers and spam  
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  This website is provided without warranty of any kind. Nothing herein is to be construed as professional or legal advice, binding legal opinion or legal authority. The rules will be strictly enforced  
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  This forum contains important announcements and events from the staff at Florida Homestead Services  
Agents and Independent Representatives Agents and Independent Representatives 6 0
  Forum for agents, independent representatives and internal issues  
General Postings General Postings 56 102
  Post your generic homestead and tax exemption issues here. This forum is to discuss relevant issues  
Basics About Exemptions Basics About Exemptions 46 38
  Feel free to talk about anything in this forum regarding the proper basic subject matter  
Questions and Answers Questions and Answers 57 115
  Frequently Asked Questions on homestead and exemption related issues. Let's share our collective knowledge  
Other Interesting Issues Other Interesting Issues 8 0
  Issues and discussions not primarily exemption related but still applicable  
Free Board Free Board 12 8
  Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this forum not related to homestead and exemptions  
Florida Exemptions, Laws and Statutes Florida Exemptions, Laws and Statutes 58 36
  This forum is to learn about the various Florida exemptions, state laws and statutes  
Florida Case Law Florida Case Law 69 40
  Case law forum useful to help you with legal authority on homestead exemptions and lawsuits in Florida  
Real Property Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Real Property Ad Valorem Tax Exemption 71 19
  Real property ad valorem tax exemption forum. Ad valorem property tax related only  
Florida State Attorney General Opinions Florida State Attorney General Opinions 19 0
  A forum is devoted to Florida Attorney General Opinions on homestead issues and similar matters  
Florida Administrative Code Florida Administrative Code 6 0
  Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), administrative rules and procedures regarding homestead exemptions  
Real Cases and Help Wanted Real Cases and Help Wanted 14 21
  Issues forum for citizens who have problems, who need help and how to deal with them. Please help!  
The Government The Government 44 151
  The state, counties and municipalities including code enforcement and all administrative boards  
County Property Appraiser and Tax Information County Property Appraiser and Tax Information 87 22
  Statewide local county property taxes, property appraiser offices, local rules and citizens issues  
Value Adjustment Board Information and Appeals Value Adjustment Board Information and Appeals 14 4
  County Value Adjustment Board appeal information, rules, cases, regulations, procedures and more  
Courts and Procedural Matters Courts and Procedural Matters 20 8
  Courts, information, procedures, forms and rules, probate forum  
Judgments and Liens Judgments and Liens 18 0
  Information on judgments, liens, lis pendens and other claims relating to real or personal property  
Creditors, Banks, Bill Collectors and Debtors Creditors, Banks, Bill Collectors and Debtors 19 4
  Creditor and debtor rights, collections and unsecured debt forum  
Mortgage and Real Estate Industry Mortgage and Real Estate Industry 41 8
  Issues in the mortgage, real estate, lending, construction and home buying industry  
Residential Communities Residential Communities 6 3
  Homeowner Associations, Condominium Associations, Co-Op's and Deed Restricted Community information  
Employers and Employees Employers and Employees 9 2
  Employers and employees issues regarding salary, wages and exemptions forum  
Consumer Agencies Consumer Agencies 9 1
  Slaying evil in the course of business!  
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy 21 2
  Issues regarding bankruptcy, cases and federal exemptions applicable to the state  
Civil and Criminal Issues Civil and Criminal Issues 10 4
  Forum to discuss civil and criminal issues and cases regarding exemptions  
Politics and Issues Politics and Issues 30 10
  Discuss state and local political and candidate issues here. Subject matter limitations please  
Ask an Attorney Ask an Attorney 11 12
  Questions for attorney's, responses by attorney's, referrals to and for attorney's and attorney resources  
Asset Protection and Estate Planning Asset Protection and Estate Planning 45 16
  Asset protection, estate planning and trusts forum  
Business Entities Business Entities 12 3
  Business Entities, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Proprietorships  
Internet and Other Resources Internet and Other Resources 13 1
  Internet and other research sources on homestead and exemptions  
Blog Resources Blog Resources 6 1
  Web log resources on the internet for your viewing pleasure  
In the News In the News 122 38
  News stories and snippets on Homestead Exemption, Property Taxes, Save Our Homes and Portability  
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  Documents for your learning pleasure  
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  Sample documents and templates  
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  RSS news feeds for your viewing pleasure  
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  Press release archive  
Comments by Clients Comments by Clients 8 6
  Comments by clients. Please post here if you have been helped by us at FHS or by the info on this BBS  
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  Feedback forum. Remember the rules, be professional  
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  Issues regarding this forum or members that you should request us to address  
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  Forum for testing this site's features. Not a forum to regularly post in  

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There is a scam being run by a group called the “Florida Board of Realtors” There is a scam being run by a group called the “Florida Board of Realtors” 107  0
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Condo-HOA Foreclosure Law Condo-HOA Foreclosure Law 124  0
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homestead protection homestead protection 3,349  1
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Seperate Family Units Discussion Seperate Family Units Discussion 167  0
Author johnbsims3  18 Aug 2017 10:03 —    
Homestead Homestead 1,162  1
Author homesteadme  29 Jun 2017 20:36 johnbsims3  18 Aug 2017 06:32  Latest reply
2017 Exemption Late Filing 2017 Exemption Late Filing 1,169  2
Author johnbsims3  12 Apr 2017 07:17 johnbsims3  18 Aug 2017 06:31  Latest reply
Mobile Home homestead protections Mobile Home homestead protections 133  0
Author johnbsims3  18 Aug 2017 06:29 —    

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